On this page you’ll find the different zombie types that have been implemented as well as the additional types that will be implemented in the future. Each zombie type comes with its own mechanics.

Implemented Zombies


Walkers are slow. They’re the most bountiful, easiest to kill, and drop rags, food, and blueprints when killed. Can be enslaved. Six variants.


Bloaters explode when they get close to players. Easy to kill with a shot to the stomach but extremely dangerous when they get close. They drop more food than other zombie types when killed. Two variants.


They’re heavily armed and drop weapons and ammunition when killed. Three variants.


Slow like walkers. Basically walkers but they drop scientific and medical items when killed. Three variants.

Brute (AKA "Juggernaut")

Brutes are basically tanks. They hit hard, have a lot of health, and drop vehicle parts (mostly tires) when killed.

Planned Zombies


Very fast. Can pounce and pin players to the ground like a raptor.


Stationary. Screams when a player comes close or takes damage which will attract and enrage all zombies in the immediate area.

[Name TBD]

Has a long tongue that can pull players to them and hold them against their body, like the kaprosuchus.