Non-Player Characters

Non-player characters (NPCs) can be found around the world and interacted with. The most obvious NPCs are zombies. Additional NPCs will be added in a future update to facilitate planned structures (vendors, settlers) and mechanics (assault teams).


Implemented Vendors

Blueprint Vendor

Trades blueprints for body parts. Currently sells building blueprints (shanty building pieces, prefabricated buildings, etc).

Planned Vendors

  • Ammunition Vendor
    • Trades ammunition for body parts.
  • Food Vendor
    • Trades food for body parts.

Other Planned NPCs

Assault Team

Humans with armor and weapons that can be looted once defeated. Random encounters will be triggered against players, similar to hordes.


Settlers can be found in the world and recruited to join your settlement. When assigned to a station it will be improved (higher yield, faster production, etc). When assigned to a defense position they will defend the settlement against zombies and assault teams.