Change Log

This page shows the list of changes for each version of the mod. It’s updated shortly after an update is released but if the change log for the current version is missing from this list for an extended period of time then please bop me on the head.

Backlog (Unreleased)

  • TODO: Added INI setting to disable zombie spawns around players.
  • TODO: Added INI settings to change spawn chance for specific zombie types.
  • TODO: Added admin item for manually specifying areas where zombies should spawn.

Version 0.16.1 (Unreleased)

  • TODO: Added INI settings for tailor scavenging mechanic (interval, min, max, and classpaths).
  • TODO: Added “bloodied” effect-over-time mechanic to shirt skins.
  • TODO: Added washing machine structure to remove blood from shirts.

Version 0.16.01/.02

  • Fixed material issues with female shirt skins. (Oops!)
  • Fixed missing materials and meshes with “Tailor” station. (2x Oops!)
  • Fixed missing preview mesh when using Dye UI. (3x oops!)

Version 0.16 (“Tailor Update”)

  • Fixed rotation issues when placing stations (musician, tailor, etc).
  • Fixed stations not using the correct destructible mesh.
  • Fixed stretchy ragdoll issues when using explosives to kill zombies.
  • Fixed collision issues with dead zombies.
  • Fixed placement emitters for all structures.
  • Added “Tailor” station which is used to craft skins and scavenge for tailor supplies.
  • Added initial shirt and hat skins to tailor.
  • Added “Station Floor” structure to blueprint vendor.
  • Added “Linen”, “String”, and “Twine” for crafting shirts.
  • Added “invisible” skins for hiding hats, gloves, boots, etc.
  • Added male and female sneakers skins.
  • Added male and female combat boots skins.
  • Added male and female cargo shorts skins.
  • Added male and female jeans skins.
  • Added male cargo pants skin.
  • Increased “Base Crafting/Repairing XP” to 1.0 for all vendor blueprints.
  • Updated resource descriptions.
  • Updated all shanty structures to use raw metal instead of crafted metal sheets.
  • Decreased “Base Crafting/Repairing XP” to 1.0 for all structures.
  • Decreased “Base Crafting/Repairing XP” to 0.1 for all resources.
  • Removed unused resources.

Version 0.15.6

  • Fixed zombies not being able to damage airdrop crates.

Version 0.15.5

  • Fixed airdrop zombies not spawning correctly.

Version 0.15.4

  • Fixed airdrop crate zombies incorrectly respecting effigies and local/world limits when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed incorrect airdrop crate zombie spawning range to 2,000-4,000 units instead of 1,000-2,000 units.
  • Fixed blueprints disappearing when crafted at the blueprint vendor.
  • Added timer to spawn more zombies during airdrop events.
  • Increased decay timer on airdrop crates to 1,800 seconds (30m), up from 1,200 seconds (20m).
  • Increased expiration timer on airdrop events to 900 seconds (15m), up from 300 seconds (5m).
  • Decreased amount of loot given by airdrop crates by 50% if encounter timer expires before all waves are completed.

Version 0.15.3

  • Fixed DisabledZombieTypes and DisabledAirdropCrateTypes INI settings not working as intended.

Version 0.15.2

  • Attempted fix for DisabledZombieTypes and DisabledAirdropCrateTypes INI settings. (It didn’t work.)
  • Fixed logic for attempted spawns failing due to too many zombie or airdrop crate types being disabled.

Version 0.15.1

  • Security zombies now drop catch poles. (Oops!)
  • Fixed missing workbench and blueprint vendor engrams.
  • Updated blueprint vendor crafting recipe.

Version 0.15

  • Bloater explosion is now an attack instead of an overlap. (Bloaters might choose to blow up your structures if aggro’d.)
  • Brutes (aka Juggernauts) are now immune to bolas.
  • Security zombies now drop shock arrows (5% chance).
  • Fixed airdrop crates only allowing admins to use key cards.
  • Fixed zombie plague not persisting through restarts.
  • Fixed zombie loot not using random item qualities.
  • Fixed shanty structures not taking damage from zombie attacks.
  • Fixed vultures being 100% rude (for real this time).
  • Fixed effigy anti-spawn radius not blocking zombie spawns in the correct radius (was 50% too small).
  • Changed effigy and tire stack crafting costs to include dynamic building resources and disabled dynamic building.
  • Changed INI setting for zombie body damage received multiplier.
  • Added shock arrows to blueprint vendor (temporary).
  • Added “Catch Pole” weapon for catching zombies!
  • Added missing medicine airdrop crate. (Sorry about that.)
  • Added INI setting for zombie head damage received multiplier.
  • Added INI setting for zombie melee damage multiplier.
  • Added INI setting for zombie loot chance multiplier.
  • Added INI setting for zombie loot quantity multiplier.
  • Added INI settings to override zombie and airdrop crate loot tables.
  • Added INI settings to disable specific zombie and airdrop crate types.
  • Added INI settings to disable specific airdrop crate types.
  • Added INI settings for creating up to 3 custom airdrop crate types.
  • Updated airdrop crate name to “Airdrop Crate”.
  • Updated shock arrow icon.
  • Decreased head hitbox size for all zombie types.
  • Decreased head damage received by security zombies by 80%.
  • Decreased head damage received by brute zombies by 60%.

Version 0.14

  • Security zombies now drop silencers, scopes, flashlights, laser sights, and yellow key cards.
  • Looted weapons now come pre-filled with a random amount of ammo.
  • Fixed vultures being 100% rude and overly-difficult to kill.
  • Fixed zombies not targeting tamed creatures and mounted players.
  • Fixed dropping > 2 arms/legs and > 1 head for all zombies.
  • Fixed small effigy mesh (for real this time).
  • Fixed issue where zombie eyes glow would sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed harvested zombies not dropping death inventory caches.
  • Added initial airdrop event and wave-based encounters.
  • Added red, yellow, and blue key cards. (Only red key cards are currently used.)
  • Added admin remotes for spawning and destroying crates, airdrops, and hordes.
  • Added initial implementation of control collars and zombie stations.
  • Added “Musician” structure that plays music when manned by an enslaved walker.
  • Added randomized weapons/armor drops to armed forces zombies.

Version 0.13

  • Fixed incorrect shanty door sound.
  • Fixed armed forces zombies not taking any headshot damage.
  • Fixed small effigy mesh bug.
  • No more than two (2) juggernauts can exist on the map at the same time.
  • No more than five (5) bloaters can exist on the map at the same time.
  • Added blueprint vendor (trades blueprints for body parts) as first vendor iteration.
  • Added Minecraft Mode?
  • Added script commands to toggle Minecraft Mode on and off.
  • Added script command to manually start a horde.
  • Added pearl necklace drop. (Can be broken down into pearls).
  • Added pearl resource. (Can be used in place of silica pearls.)
  • Updated effigy inventory description to be more clear.
  • Updated effigy radius indicator to be more clear.
  • Updated crafting costs of antibiotics, painkillers, and stimpacks.
  • Updated workbench mesh and textures.
  • Increased drop chance of medical items to 10% (up from 5%).
  • Increased drop chance of water bottles to 5% (up from 1%).
  • Increased headshot radius by 25%.
  • Decreased sound of juggernaut spawn events by 75%.
  • Decreased weight of body parts to 2lbs (down from 5lbs).
  • Disabled placement collision for all structures.
  • Removed sound of bloater spawn events.
  • Removed snap points for prefabricated buildings.
  • Removed blueprint drops from all zombies.

Version 0.12

  • Fixed visual issues w/ effigies and tire stacks due to replication.
  • Fixed incorrect meshes on small effigy and spike walls.
  • Fixed horde eyes not updating correctly on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed sound when drink orange and purple drank.
  • Added HUD text to display whether or not an effigy was complete (and working).
  • Added metal sheet crafting resource.
  • Added modular building pieces (foundation, walls, doors, ceiling, railings, etc).
  • Added test prefab building (shanty building #8).
  • Increased delay between horde zombie spawns to 0.5s (up from 0s).
  • Increased drop chance of body parts to 5% (up from 1%).
  • Increased workbench crafting queue to 5.
  • Increased workbench inventory to 30 (up from 18).
  • Increased wildlife spawn chance to 10% (up from 5%).
  • Decreased SWAT zombie spawn chance to 5% (down from 10%).
  • Decreased craft time of craftable resources.

Version 0.12.1 Hotfix

  • Replaced custom death animations with ragdoll physics.
  • Added fingernails resource as a substitute for chitin and keratin.
  • Increased body part drop chance to 20% (up from 5%).
  • Decreased zombie sound volume to 0.75 (down from 1).

Version 0.12.2 Hotfix

  • Implemented v2 of the Zombie Plague debuff.
  • Fingernails can now be crafted using legs (in addition to arms).
  • Updated fingernails description.
  • Removed ability to pickup structures (will be back later).
  • Fixed sounds for most consumables.
  • Added raw/putrid zombie meat as replacements for raw/spoiled meat.

Version 0.11

  • Reduced mod size to ~200mb (down from ~470mb).
  • Fixed HUD location for when zombies die.
  • Fixed bloaters not taking proper headshot or explosion damage.
  • Added SWAT zombie variant. (Drops weapons and ammo.)
  • Added small and large effigy structures.
  • Added zombie arms, legs, and heads. (1% drop chance from all zombies.)
  • Added candy bar, granola bar, canned olives, canned peas, and canned soup.
  • Added orange drank and purple drank.
  • Added INI settings for loot chance and loot quantity.
  • Added INI setting to spawn wildlife (turkeys, fish, etc) for -NoDinos servers.
  • Removed zombie meat.
  • Updated all bottle icons (acid, plague cure, bloater bile, etc).
  • Updated canned corn and water bottle icons.
  • Decreased Juggernaut headshot damage received by 50%.
  • Spike walls should no longer attract zombies.
  • Horde zombies now have yellow eyes.
  • Horde zombies now 50% more likely to drop loot than regular zombies.
  • Horde zombies now drop 2x more look than regular zombies.

Version 0.10

  • Fixed eye particle effect locations for all zombies.
  • Fixed eye particle effects not disappearing when killed.
  • Changed zombie spawner buff to destroy itself if/when a player logs out.
  • Added plague sample as harvestable resource.
  • Added crafting recipe for plague cure.
  • Added scientist zombie variant. (Drops medical and scientific items.)
  • Added two female walker variants.
  • Added harvest entry for boomer bile.
  • Added “Anti-Spawn Zone” structure. Must be spawned by admin.
  • Removed glossy reflection from all zombies.
  • Updated loot tables for all zombies.
  • Updated juggernaut mesh.
  • Decreased juggernaut spawn chance to 1% (down from 2%).
  • Decreased rotation rate for all zombies to 45 (down from 160) to help with jittering.

Version 0.9

  • Fixed spike walls not hurting zombies.
  • Added workbench. Used to craft resources and items.
  • Added acid resource. No use for now.
  • Added glass resource.
  • Added plastic resource.
  • Added rags resource.
  • Added rubber resource. No use for now.
  • Added crafting recipe for sand.
  • Added syringe resource.
  • Added tire resource. Used to build tire stacks.
  • Added water bottle. Can be refilled.
  • Added craftable antibiotics.
  • Added craftable bandage.
  • Added craftable medkit.
  • Added craftable painkillers.
  • Added craftable stimpack.
  • Added craftable tire stack (requires blueprint).
  • Decreased sound level of bloater explosions to 100% (down from 300%).
  • Decreased nighttime vision of all zombies.
  • Walkers can now form gangs at night. (Yes those kinds of gangs!)
  • All zombies can now drop items and blueprints.

Version 0.9.1 Hotfix

  • All zombies can now drop canned food items. (Yay for not starving to death!)

Version 0.8

  • Fixed attenuation settings (again) for bloaters, juggernauts, and hordes.
  • Added first iteration of horde events. Hordes are configurable via INI settings.
  • Increased zombie plague duration to 600s (up from 60s).
  • Increased explosion damage multiplier to 100x for all zombies.
  • Decreased headshot damage multiplier to 10x for juggernauts.
  • Decreased sound level of bloater explosions to 300% (down from 500%).
  • Removed negative body damage multiplier for all zombies.

Version 0.7

  • Fixed attenuation settings for all sounds.
  • Added attack, hurt, and death sounds to juggernaut.
  • Added death sounds to bloater.
  • Added zombie plague stacking debuff.
  • Added zombie plague cure.
  • Increased pack size to 10 (up from 5).
  • Increased sound level of bloater explosions to 500% (up from 100%).
  • Removed Level 1 cap from all zombies. Good luck!
  • Removed debug distraction icons.

Version 0.6

  • Bloater explosion now does 2,000 damage (up from 1,000) to structures.
  • Bloater explosion now does 10,000 damage (up from 200) to nearby zombies.
  • Added bloater bile as a harvestable resource. Plot twist: It doesn’t do anything yet!
  • Added incoming damage direction- and headshot-based death animations.
  • Added spawn sounds for bloaters and juggernauts.
  • Added damage sounds for all zombie types.
  • Updated idle sounds for all zombie types.
  • Updated bloater explosion sound and visuals.
  • Increased targeting range to 3,000 units (10 foundations; up from 1,800).

Version 0.6.1 Hotfix

  • Zombies can damage structures again! Yay!

Version 0.5

  • Spawn % chances changed to 5% juggernaut, 5% bloater, 90% walker.
  • Bloater explosions now add 25% max torpor to players.
  • Bloater explosions now drain 50% max stamina from players.
  • Disabled flee mechanic for all zombie types.
  • Increased pack wander size to 3,000 units (10 foundations; up from 2,000).
  • Decreased zombie corpse lifespan to 30s (down from 60s).

Version 0.4

  • Added juggernaut zombie type.
  • Added temporary zombie AI state icons for debugging.
  • Removed player evasion mechanic (temporary).

Version 0.3

  • Zombies can now be harvested for zombie flesh and zombie hide.
  • Added hat skins for $10+ Patreon and PayPal donations.
  • Increased bloater explosion emitter size.

Version 0.2

  • Zombies are now Level 1 and have a max health value.
  • Added bloater zombie type.
  • Added lootboxes to help with testing. See spawn commands.
  • Added crafting recipe for firecrackers.
  • Removed pack leader buff emitter.
  • Increased walker speed by 33.33% (repeating ofc).
  • Increased bloater damage by 50%.
  • Increased walker damage to players and structures by 100%.
  • Fixed bloaters being immune to splash damage.

Version 0.1

  • Initial release!