Dead Survival

ARK: Survival Evolved

Mod ID: 1913654097

Tired of dinosaurs? Of course you aren’t, but sometimes we want a little change in our diet. Dead Survival does just that. You can swap out the wildlife of the game with some… not-quite life? Zombies… We’re trying to say you can have zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Hordes of them, even!

Think DayZ but in ARK.

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Important Stuff

  • Zombies are attracted to sounds (bloater explosions, gunshots, firecrackers, force-opening locks, etc).
  • Zombie attacks cause zombie plague. It can be cured with zombie plague cure. It can be crafted in the workbench using resources looted from scientists.
  • Zombies can attack and damage wooden and stone structures. Metal structures may take fractional damage in the future.
  • Zombies can see farther during the day.
  • Every night there is a chance that a zombie horde will spawn around a random player. Horde zombies have yellow eyes and drop more loot than regular zombies.
  • Every ten (10) minutes there is a 5% chance of an airdrop plane flying overhead that drops parachute crates full of supplies. Watch the skies!
  • This mod is under heavy development so please be kind! <3

Recommended Settings

  • Use -NoDinos launch parameter to disable all dino spawning.
  • Use normal harvest settings (1x).
  • Use a longer night cycle by setting NightTimeSpeedScale to less than 1.
  • Don’t try to force-tame the zombies. (Seriously!)

Upcoming Features

The following changes are planned to be completed in the near future:

  • Additional models (women, jobs, military, police, etc).
  • Second iteration of zombies (screamer, smoker, runner, etc).
  • Second iteration of modular building items (walls, floors, destroyed vehicles, etc).
  • Second iteration of zombie stations (kitchen, armory, etc).
  • First iteration of drivable, upgradeable vehicles.