Mechanics & Formulas


Upgrading Items

Weapons, armor, tools, and saddles can be upgraded using the Upgrade Station. When an item is upgraded its quality level, stats, and item rating is increased. Upgraded items are consistent with what can be found in loot crates.

Note: Some items, such as items added by mods, don’t appear in the wild and the only way to obtain higher quality items is to upgrade them using the Upgrade Station.

Augmenting Items

Upgraded items can be even further enhanced by augmenting individual stats using the Augment Station. When an item is augmented its stats and item rating are increased or decreased, respectively. Augmenting items allows players to fine-tune the stats of individual items to make an item viable for any situation.

Salvaging Items

Salvaging items allows players to break an item down and receive a portion of the resources required to craft it. Note: For balance purposes, not all items can be salvaged.

Creating Blueprints

Creating blueprints allows players to create a blueprint of their coveted items in case the item is lost. Blueprints can be shared with other players or stored for safe keeping. Note: Creating a blueprint destroys the target item and returns a portion of the resources required to craft it.

Fortune Mechanics

The fortune mechanic is really two sub-mechanics, “Good” Fortune and “Bad” Fortune, that affect base mechanics.

Quality Skip

Each upgrade attempt has a chance to skip a quality level free of charge. The item will receive the same stat increases as a successful upgrade multiplied by 2.

Reduced Resources

Each upgrade attempt has a chance to consume less resources than what is required for that level.

Upgrade Failed

Each upgrade attempt has a very low chance to fail and still consume a percentage of the required resources.

Increased Salvage

Each salvage attempt has a chance to return more resources than normal. Note: This can also happen when salvaging in bulk.


Upgrade Formula

First, we need to specify the upgrade formula so these settings make sense:

UpgradeCost = ROUNDUP( PreviousCraftingCost * ( UpgradeMultiplier ^ UpgradeExponentialMultiplier) )

Take a look at the official Upgrade Requirements spreadsheet to see how upgrade costs are calculated.

Augment Formula

Take a look at the official Augment Station spreadsheet to see how augmented stats work using the default values.