Change Log

Version 2.0 (Unreleased)

  • Fixed “PeltOrHair” resource being returned when salvaging items that use this as a crafting requirement. Hair is now returned instead.
  • Improved returned materials support when salvaging non-empty cryopods.
  • Added “Settings” UI to confirm configuration in-game.
  • Added improved compatibility with mods that change item quality index names and colors.
  • Added the following new INI settings (this list is subject to change without notice):
    • Features
      • DisableUpgrading
      • DisableUpgradingFortune
      • DisableSalvaging
      • DisableSalvagingFortune
      • DisableBlueprinting
    • Upgrading
      • UpgradeAllowBlueprints
      • UpgradeStatIncreaseMin
      • UpgradeStatIncreaseMax
      • UpgradeDisallowedClasses
    • Upgrading Fortune
      • FortuneUpgradeFailedChance
      • FortuneUpgradeFailedResourceCostMultiplier
    • Salvaging
      • SalvageAllowBlueprints
      • SalvageBlueprintResourcesReceivedMultiplier
      • SalvageDisallowedClasses
      • SalvageExtraAllowedClasses
    • Blueprinting
      • BlueprintResourcesRecoveredMultiplier
      • BlueprintDisallowedClasses
      • BlueprintExtraAllowedClasses

Here’s the very highly in-progress FAQs document for v2.x.

Version 1.8

Version 1.8 has been released which adds the metal tier Upgrade, Blueprint, and Augment Stations. This update also fixes a lot of bugs and also adds some quality of life improvements such as bulk salvaging, lowered crafting requirements for some augments, item stats that were resetting after reaching a certain stat max (only affected very high INI values), and mostly importantly, the negative hyperthermic stat bug!

Primitive-Friendly Design

The original Upgrade, Blueprint, and Augment Station structures were updated by popular request to be more primitive-friendly. We understand that a lot of players play on primitive servers so hopefully this update helps fit in better with those servers. 🙂

Metal Tier Structures

Because the original structures were made primitive-friendly people started asking about metal tier structures and that got us excited to create another set of structures that is more modern, more durable, and has more inventory slots.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a lot of small bugs that have been bothering us (and probably you) for a while. Check the change log for the exact list of bugs that have been smashed!

Version 1.8 Change Log

Version 1.8i

  • Added checks to make sure item is valid before attempting upgrade, salvage, augment, and blueprint to fix crash that would happen when multiple people try to interact with the same item at the exact same time.

Version 1.8h

  • Fixed missing saddle texture.
  • Changed “Fortune Quality Skip Chance” clamp to be between 1 and 100, instead of 0 and 100. Setting this INI setting to 0 should now correctly disable the quality skip mechanic.

Version 1.8g

  • Fixed armor stat bug. (Was using hypo-/hyper-thermal multiplier.)
  • Fixed “Classic Rocket Launcher” not being upgradeable.
  • Added future compatibility with “Upgradeable Tek Rifle”. (Working on it.)

Version 1.8f

  • Fixed crash due to zero resource “Manual” crafting cost. Sorry! 🙂

Version 1.8e

  • Removed unused files.
  • Re-cooked with the latest dev kit to fix minor UI issues that WildCard’s update(s) introduced.
  • Upgrade Station no longer removes colors when upgrading items. (Yay!)
  • Updated quality colors to match WildCard’s latest changes.
  • Fixed freezing issue some players were experiencing when placing an Upgrade Station in the world.
  • Fixed item skin duplication bug.
  • Fixed quality index colors not updating for some players when upgrading items.
  • Fixed ammo duplication bug.
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher upgrade/augment bug. (Vanilla rocket launchers can’t be upgraded.)
  • Fixed Tek Rifle upgrade/augment bug. (Vanilla TEK rifles can’t be upgraded.)
  • Fixed generic resource fishing rod upgrade/augment bug for some players.
  • Fixed various item skin bugs. Edge cases may still happen; please report in Bug Reports.

Version 1.8d

  • Increased delay between `Read INI` and `Replicate INI`. May have been causing timeouts.
  • Hooked up missing `self` pin after reading/replicating INI settings. May have been causing timeouts.
  • Miscellaneous proactive exception handling. May have been causing timeouts.
  • Bonus: Changed metal tier to only take damage from explosives.

Version 1.8c

  • Fixed INI settings not loading.
  • Moved assault rifle mesh up so it isn’t clipped.

Version 1.8b

  • Changed construction events to happen on begin play. May have been causing timeouts.

Version 1.8a

  • Fixed Upgrade Station snapping to foundations. (It shouldn’t do that.)

Version 1.8

  • Added button for bulk salvaging.
  • Added support for pin-locking structures.
  • Added metal tier structures. (Remember to hide the engrams if you don’t want them!)
  • Added appropriate destructible meshes for structures.
  • Updated original structures to be “primitive-friendly”.
  • Decrease default `INI Augment Stat Max` to 3,000 (down from 5,000). Augmented items felt too high too fast.
  • Changed minimum values for `INI Upgrade Stat Increase Min` and `INI Upgrade Stat Increase Max` to 50 (down from 2,000).
  • Lowered crafting requirements for some augments (durability, armor, hypothermic insulation).
  • Lowered hypothermic and hyperthermic stat increases when upgrading an item. (Was cooking players.)
  • Removed automatic addition of manual to the Upgrade Station.
  • Fixed item stats resetting after a certain point. Stats now have an absolute maximum value.
  • Fixed durability bug when crafting items from crafted blueprints.
  • Fixed augmenting weapons not increasing item repair costs.
  • Fixed manual being shown to everyone when used.
  • Fixed negative hyperthermic insulation bug.
  • Fixed item skins, attachments, and ammo being lost when upgrading/augmenting/salvaging items and creating blueprints.
  • Fixed `Attempt Salvage` and `Create Blueprint` text appearing for non-teammates.

Version 1.7 Change Log

Version 1.7

  • Added Augment Station.
  • Added INI setting to disallow specific items from being upgraded.
  • Added INI settings to adjust the min/max random stat value when upgrading items.
  • Added INI setting to adjust how many resources are returned when creating a blueprint.
  • Added in-game manual that explains how to use the mod.
  • Increased inventory slots for the Upgrade Station and Blueprint Station.
  • Fixed salvaging stacks exploit.
  • Fixed attenuation settings for sounds. (No more long-range noises!)
  • Potential fix for the non-dedicated session bug.

Version 1.6 Change Log

Version 1.6b

  • Removed new functions to fix crash issues.

Version 1.6a

  • Fixed major snap point issue.
  • Changed Upgrade Station and Blueprint Station to allow renaming.
  • Changed max build height setting to 100,000.

Version 1.6

  • Removed default engrams from Blueprint Station (hotfix).
  • Added Blueprint Station.

Version 1.5 Change Log

Version 1.5a

  • Added ability to salvage stacks of items.
  • Replaced salvaged “Chitin/Keratin” resource with Chitin.
  • Tweaked salvage messages.
  • Decreased Bad Fortune resources lost to 10%, down from 25%.

Version 1.5

  • Good/Bad Fortune mechanics reintroduced.
  • Ammo, attachments, and additional tools can now be salvaged.
  • Upgrading and salvaging now gives XP.
  • Crafting cost of the structure has been modified for low level players.
  • Maximum resource requirements increased to 99,999.
  • Now preserves organic polymer.
  • Many new INI settings have been added.

Version 1.4 Change Log

Version 1.4a

  • Adjusted stat increase range for balance.
  • Fixed upgrade algorithm to always take previous stats into account.
  • Added missing “effectiveness” stat (for fishing poles).
  • Added missing “water retention” stat (for desert armor).

Version 1.4

  • Implemented new method of generating items.
  • Removed the buffer overflow error once and for all.
  • Tweaked upgrade requirements formula for balance.
  • Tweaked upgraded item stats for balance.

Version 1.3 Change Log

Version 1.3a

  • Increased allowed buffer overflow detector INI setting to 500.
  • Added option to disable buffer overflow detection.
  • Increased the delay between initialization and INI setting replication.

Version 1.3

  • Fixed INI setting replication issues.
  • Many UX (user experience) improvements!
  • Updated model.
  • Temporarily removed the “Upgrade Failed” and “Fortune smiles upon you!” mechanics. They will be back later. ~_^

Version 1.2 Change Log

Version 1.2

  • Removed default Smithy placement collision check.
  • Added INI setting to change the Upgrade Multiplier.
  • Added INI setting to change the Exponential Upgrade Multiplier.
  • Added INI setting to disable salvaging.
  • Added INI setting to change the Salvage Multiplier.
  • Added INI setting to change the Maximum Upgrade Quality Index.
  • Added the rare possibility of a free upgrade (luck) attempt or a downgraded (failed) attempt.
  • Fixed the 30 inventory slots bug.
  • Fixed some replication issues.
  • Added more checks to further reduce the likelihood of a Buffer Overflow error.

Version 1.1 Change Log

Version 1.1

  • Fixed resource consumption replication bug when upgrading items on dedicated servers. (Did you think I wouldn’t notice?!)
  • Fixed invalid item detection.
  • Added additional checks for invalid item detection.
  • Removed unnecessary loop(s).
  • Disabled the ability to upgrade blueprints.
  • Completely rewrote the UE4 graphs to use events instead of Multi-use. Should be more stable.
  • Added many checks to the upgrade and salvage events.
  • Upgrade requirements are now dynamic based on the quality of the item being upgraded.
  • Salvage amounts are now dynamic (see above) and return 1/4 of the base dynamic upgrade requirements.
  • Now works with stack size mods! Thank you to those who reported and helped diagnose the issue.