Can I restrict auctions to only my server?

Say you want to…

a) Have a single server where players can only buy/sell with each other.
b) Have multiple servers that can buy/sell with each other.

… then you will need to create a unique “Market ID” (for example, “MYTOKEN1234”) and specify it in your GameUserSettings.ini file. For example:


Note: Please for the love of dog do not use “MYTOKEN1234”. This is only an example. Use something random and unique. Do not use hyphens or special characters.

How do I enable Megapithecus Coins?

Important: Only servers that use a private market can use custom currencies. Custom currencies are not allowed on the global market.

To enable Megapithecus Coins (or Glory Coins, or any other currency), you must do the following:

  • Make sure the currency that you’re trying to enable exists on the server. Megapithecus Coins are included in this mod. Glory Coins and other currencies are not.
  • Get the class name of the currency you’re trying to enable. For example, Megapithecus Coins are PrimalItem_AuctionHouseCoin_C.
  • Update your GameUserSettings.ini file accordingly.
  • Make sure the currency that you’re trying to use are in a nearby inventory so the world scan can detect them.
  • Restart your server and wait 1-2 minutes before testing.

For example, your GameUserSettings.ini file may look like this:


How do the coins work?
Do you generate coins over time?
Is there a bank?
Where do they come from?

Megapithecus Coins, if you choose to use them, do not come from anywhere. They are simply part of the mod as an example currency that can be used if you choose to. Some servers spawn them into the world for events while some servers add them to supply drops. How you hand them out to your players is up to you as a server admin.

Why does it say “Connecting to server, please wait…”?

It can take up to 1, sometimes 2, minutes (60-120 seconds) to connect to the Auction House server when restarting your server and when placing auctioneers and mailboxes in the world. If it still says “connecting” after 5 minutes then please post a bug report with your server name, IP address, and your in-game character name.

For servers hosted on Linux: due to recent changes in base game, you will need to add a setting to your Engine.ini located at ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/Engine.ini:


Why can’t I ask for thatch, fiber, etc?

Thatch, fiber, etc are incredibly easy to farm. The purpose of this mod is to create a way for players to sell items they believe are valuable for resources that are equally as valuable. Also, the monkeys only like items of high value so they don’t really like thatch and fiber. It’s nothing personal; blame the monkeys.

Can I use the Auction House to transfer items to my friend’s server?

No. The auction house was created as a way for players to legitimately buy and sell items with other players. It was not created to be used as an item transfer service, a personal storage vault, or any other wacky thing people have come up with. Please keep the market fair. Please do not use the Auction House in any way other than it’s intended purpose. All auctions are monitored by an automated system and cheating or exploiting the system will result in players not being allowed to use the Auction House anymore.

Why can I see modded items/creatures on one server but not another?

Modded items don’t always have engrams or classes in the Primal Game Data (PGD). Modded items and dinos need to be detected by the server before they will appear in search results, which happens passively during the “World Scan” event. Modded items only need to be detected once because the mod keeps a cumulative list of all of the item and dino classes that it detects, so eventually most classes should be found over time on each server.

Here is an scenario that players often experience:

Player A lists modded kibble on the Auction House. Player B wants to buy the modded kibble but is unable to see the item in the Auction House. Since Player A is the one listing the modded kibble, it is obvious that the World Scan has detected the modded kibble class on Player A’s server. However, Player B’s server doesn’t know about the modded kibble class yet, therefore it cannot spawn the modded kibble into the world, and therefore doesn’t include the modded kibble in the search results. Once Player B’s server becomes aware of the modded kibble class through the passive World Scan, the modded kibble will be included in the search results for Player B.

How is Max Dino Level calculated?

The default Max Dino Level value for your server is calculated using the following formula: ($DifficultyValue * 38) + (($DifficultyValue * 38) / 2) + 71 + ($Total * 0.25). In human readable terms, that’s Wild Max + Perfect Tame + Tamed Levels + Breeding Gap. It’s not a perfect calculation but it covers the needs of most players. We’ve also added the MaxDinoLevel INI setting if the calculated value isn’t suitable for your server.

Can I override the calculated Max Dino Level?

Yes. You can change the Max Dino Level setting to a value that is appropriate for your server by setting MaxDinoLevel in GameUserSettings.ini. For example, if you’re using a core mod that changes the max wild dino level to 1,000, you would want to set MaxDinoLevel to something like 2,000.

Creature Questions

Can I buy/sell modded dinos?

Yes. Similar to the way items work, modded dinos are supported as well.

How does level/gender/breeding work? Will I get the same exact dino?

Yes. The dino you receive will have the exact same stats, gender, affinity, colors, etc. If your auction expires you will receive the exact same dino you listed. Custom paint jobs will be removed, however. (Sorry, nothing we can really do about that right now.)

If I uninstall the mod will I lose my purchased items/dinos?

Nope! The items and dinos you receive from the Auction House are not specific to the Auction House mod. Remember to cancel and claim all your active auctions though before uninstalling the mod or you won’t be able to get them back unless you reinstall it.

Why is the dino auction duration for automatically set to 5 days?

Transporting a dino takes a lot of effort by the monkeys and they’re not too keen on transporting dinos to and from the different realms any more than they have to. We asked them if there was any wiggle room in this decision and they said no. (Or rather, they grunted at us, which we’re pretty sure means no.)

Why are some dinos blocked?

Short answer, people can be jerks. The monkeys don’t allow vanilla bosses (gorilla, spider, dragon, etc), vanilla alphas (alpha carno, alpha rex, etc), or non-tameable vanilla dinos (trilobites, dodorex, etc) to be bought or sold on the Auction House.

Why are there listing and purchase limits?

Short answer, again, people can be jerks. For now, the limits are as follows:

Public MarketPrivate Market
Dino Listings (24h Period)50100
Dino Purchases (60m Period)2525
Item Listings (60m Period)50100
Item Purchases (60m Period)2525

Why do I have to pay a fee?

We deliberated for about two weeks whether or not a fee was a good idea. Long story short we want to stay in line with how auction houses in other games operate and provide more immersion for the auctioneers while also deterring people from making senseless auctions. This change is aimed to reel in some of the crazy auctions you may have seen in the past.

How are fees calculated?

The fee is essentially 1% of the quantity being sold or the buyout price, whichever is higher, per day and should max out at 500 metal ingots in most cases. Private markets can change the fee to be a flat price (1 megapithecus coin per auction, for example) if the admin wanted to.

Can I change the fee currency and amount?

Short answer, yes, but only on private markets. The public market uses a normalized fee currency of metal ingots. While a flat fee can be specified on private markets, the percentage-based fee amount (1%) cannot be changed. The monkeys have been pretty stubborn about that one. (We tried!)

Can we increase the max buyout amount for dinos?

Yes, but right now its capped at 2,000 x Harvest Rate (ie, 1x caps at 2k, 2x caps at 4k, 5x caps at 10k, etc), with a hard cap of 100k for private markets.