Change Log

This page shows the list of changes for each version of the mod. It’s updated shortly after an update is released but if the change log for the current version is missing from this list for an extended period of time then please bop me on the head.

Version 4.0.3

  • Fixed baby creatures being allowed to be sold.
  • Fixed calculated max creature level to account for Tek creatures, wyverns, and increased number of tame levels that have been added over the years.

Version 4.0.2

  • Removed “MyBodyIsReady” INI setting.
  • Removed Rules UI.
  • Added “Port” INI setting.

Version 4.0.1

  • Fixed setting “FeeFlatAmount” setting to 0 not working.
  • Fixed more animations.
  • Fixed creature attachments spawning at 0,0,0.
  • Fixed creature accessories not appearing.
  • Added fix for potential lag spikes caused by long exchanger configs.


  • Backend Hotfix
    • Players can no longer list blueprints if blueprint trades have been disabled by a server admin.
    • Blueprints should now appear in the “My Auctions” tab for any blueprints listed prior to the above change.

Version 4.0.0

This update is a major version update and many settings have changed. It is highly recommended that you review your settings and compare them with the new settings found on the INI Settings page.

Be sure to pay attention to the “MyBodyIsReady” setting (you can thank Vysse for the name of this setting) as setting it to “True” means that you’ve reviewed your settings prior to using the 4.x version of the mod. Your game servers won’t be able to connect to the AH backend if this setting isn’t in your config.

  • Changed class-related INI settings to use full classpaths (admins will need to update their server settings).
  • Fixed expired auctions sometimes returning metal ingots instead of custom fee currency.
  • Fixed many broken animations and creature attachments.
  • Fixed some filters not working when browsing.
  • Added “ExtraMods” INI setting in case the initial mod scan doesn’t find all installed mods.
  • Added “AllowSellingDisallowedItems/Dinos” INI settings that allow players to sell disallowed items/dinos.
  • Added icons for missing sources (Ragnarok, Genesis, Genesis 2, etc).
  • Removed automatic and manual world scan functionality; these have been replaced by detected mods list.
  • Removed “Item Detector” structure and “Dino Detector” weapon; they are no longer needed.
  • Removed code from mod files for INI settings that weren’t actually being used (DisableItemSelling, DisableCreatureSelling, etc).
  • Disallowed items and dinos no longer appear in search results.
  • Disallowed items and dinos can no longer be sold by default (can be overridden in settings).

Version 3.2.2

  • Fixed # of remaining crafts not persisting for items.
  • Fixed “HarvestAmountMultiplier” INI setting not working.
  • Added INI setting to set a password for accessing web-based tools.
    • Password=MyPassword123
  • Confirmed that temporary mission items can’t be listed.
  • Confirmed that blueprints can’t be listed if blueprint trades are disabled.
  • Disabled listing of creatures that are above max configured level.
  • Removed custom name from purchased creatures when claimed.

Version 3.2.1

  • Enabled Ferox auctions (small for now; large possibly later).
    • This change is subject to rollback if spawning Feroxes continues to crash servers.
  • Added Gacha crafting skill and production to Browse UI.
  • Added lantern pet (Bulbdog, etc) charge capacity, charge regen, and charge emission range to Browse UI.
  • Added ability for admins to toggle auctioneers on/off.
  • Added ability to switch auctioneers between monkeys, humans, meks, or hidden, and the ability to switch auctioneer companions between monkeys, jerboas, feroxes, bulbdogs, or hidden. New INI settings:
    • CreatureSpecies=Monkey|Human|Mek|Hidden
    • CompanionSpecies=Monkey|Jerboa|Ferox|Bulbdog|Hidden
  • Fixed duplicate custom currencies appearing in payment dropdown.
  • Fixed genders missing in database due to localization issues in non-English game clients.
  • Removed ghost material from auctioneers.


  • Version 3.2.1a
    • Fixed “Mek” value for “CreatureSpecies” not working.
    • Fixed some incompatibility issues between the exchangers and stack mods.
  • Version 3.2.1b
    • Fixed major issue with detected classpaths not persisting.
    • Fixed major issue with exchangers.
    • Added new admin structure, Item Detector, to help server admins detect items that aren’t automatically detected by the world scan.
    • Added new admin weapon, Dino Detector, to help server admins detect creatures that aren’t automatically detected by the world scan.

Version 3.2

  • Added ability to hide specific players and servers so their auctions are not visible when browsing auctions. New INI settings:
    • HidePlayers=[SteamID],[SteamID]
    • HideServers=[IP],[IP]
  • Added INI setting called “DisallowSources” that replaces existing “Disallow[Core|Abberation|etc]Classes` (see below for the complete list).
  • Added support for disallowing classes from Genesis, Regnarok, and Valguero.
  • Added missing core classes to backend (chibis, etc).
  • Added many unobtainable item and creature classes to the global blocked classes list.
  • Fixed slight freeze when viewing auctions in Browse UI.
  • Fixed X creature stats not displaying in Browse UI.
  • Fixed non-English game clients not being able to claim creatures and fertilized eggs.
  • Updated item/dino multipliers and max buyout amounts in the mod to match the settings in the backend database and removed replication of these values between the backend database and the mod.
  • Refactored functions used to claim items, creatures, and eggs.
  • Improved messages player sees if an item, creature, or egg can’t be claimed.
  • Improved messages admins see during world scan.
  • Improved world scan process to be faster, more accurate, and require less resources.
  • Removed summoning sickness debuff from claim process.
  • Removed support for legacy “ClusterToken” INI setting.
  • Removed the following INI settings that are replaced by the new “DisallowSources” INI setting:
    • DisallowCoreClasses
    • DisallowScorchedEarthClasses
    • DisallowAberrationClasses
    • DisallowExtinctionClasses
    • DisallowModdedClasses

JSON API Changes

  • Added “Selling Source” (‘Core’, ‘Aberration’, etc) and “Asking Source” to results.


  • Version 3.2a
    • Fixed issue with world scan not being compatible with Kraken’s Better Dinos and Classic Flyers.
  • Version 3.2b
    • Fixed issue with world scan not detecting built-in currency (copper, silver, and gold coins, etc).
  • Version 3.2c
    • Fixed issue with extra currency items not working as intended.
  • Version 3.2d
    • Fixed issue with payment whitelist not working as intended.

Version 3.1.2

  • Fixed item stats not appearing when browsing auctions (again).

Version 3.1.1

  • Fixed item stats not appearing when browsing auctions.

Version 3.1

  • Fixed items disappearing when claimed from the mailbox.
  • Fixed exchanges not populating correctly.
  • Temporarily changed monkeys to ghosts until we can fix their meshes, animations, and sounds.

Version 3.0

  • Added support for fertilized eggs. (Yay!) Visit a hatchery to purchase/sell fertilized eggs.
  • Added admin command to delete all auctions for the server.
    • e.g., Cheat ScriptCommand AH_DeleteAuctions
  • Added admin command to cancel all auctions for the server.
    • e.g., Cheat ScriptCommand AH_CancelAuctions
  • Added a command for admins to delete all unclaimed auctions (purchased, sold, expired, etc) from mailboxes.
    • e.g., Cheat ScriptCommand AH_DeleteMailboxContents
  • Added INI settings for disabling purchasing/selling for each auctioneer type.
    • e.g., DisableCreaturePurchasing, DisableCreatureSelling, DisableFertilizedEggPurchasing, DisableFertilizedEggSelling, DisableItemPurchasing, DisableItemSelling
  • Added missing Extinction source icon to Browse UI.
  • Added improved support for Extinction classes.
  • Improved verbiage on Create Auction UI and Browse UI.
  • Updated Create Auction UI so players can now list items and fertilized eggs from nearby inventories that contain an inventory manifest. (Nearby dino inventories will be added soon.)
  • Removed disallowed classes from the list of vanilla classes that are loaded by default. (Improves performance and startup times.)
  • Removed inline text fix for “AnglerGel”. (Might help German players having issues selling/asking for Angler Gel.)