Auction House

by Ghazlawl

Latest Changes

  • Added Currency Exchanger that can be spawned in and configured by server admins. Must be configured before use.
  • Fixed ‘Create Auction’ button not getting disabled when clicked.
  • Fixed network bug as a result of the ‘Create Auction’ button bug.
  • Fixed intermittent false positive network error.
  • Improved network response times when interacting with the backend server.
  • Added ability to send players refunds using the mailbox.
  • Switched Thanksgiving hats to Santa hats.
  • Many, many, many backend server improvements.

Previous Changes

  • Hotfix: Fixed incorrect normalized quantity being displayed on mailbox results.
  • Hotfix: Fixed rare issue that wouldn’t allow a dino to be sold due to invalid quantity.
  • Hotfix: Fixed infinite loading screen for players reaching the daily buyout limits.
  • Hotfix: Re-added seeded items and auctions.
  • Increased maximum fee amount to 10k, up from 5k.
  • Increased fee for listing/asking for rare items to reflect their rarity in the world.
  • Separated maximum buyout price for items and dinos on the public market.
  • Increased maximum buyout price for dinos.
  • Increased the crafting cost of all structures to be logical.
  • Fixed world scan response issue that was affecting some players.
  • Fixed the skins option in the categories filter not working.
  • Fixed transporters not being able to be placed on foundations or ceilings.
  • Added a dino level filter to Stockmen.
  • Added silk as a payment option.
  • Added an option for admins to remove all structures.
  • Added the ability to pick up structures.
  • Added per-player/tribe/server structure limits (10/25/75, respectively). (Can be overridden in INI settings; clamped between 1-100.)
  • Added support for mothership variables (variables that come from the Auction House backend server).
  • Removed summoning sickness for auctions that are canceled within 10 minutes of being listed.
  • Removed summoning sickness for dinos that have expired naturally.
  • Decreased the volume of the ‘Show Manifest Range’ and ‘Show Transporter Range’ visual aids.
  • Disabled structure decay.
  • Miscellaneous backend tweaks.


Keep the Monkeys Happy!

A guide to help you stay unbanned from the Auction House. When using the Auction House, the following activities can anger the monkeys and get you banned. Note: This is not a complete list.

  • Using the Auction House to…
    • Transfer your items to another server or single-player game. Period. Don’t be lazy.
    • Collude between players: Players who agree to sell each other goods far below market value because they’re friends, or in the same tribe on another server, etc.
    • Hide your valuables on PvP servers.
    • Post your auctions in Location A, then cancel and retrieve your items at Location B.   The Auction House is not a valid means for transporting your own goods across the map.
    • List admin-spawned items, or using admin-spawned resources to buy items.
    • Post items or resources that have been made ridiculously common on your server.  For example, if you have “Resource Crops” installed on your server, and you can literally grow your own element in a crop plot, those resources are invalid for trading on the Auction House.
    • Attempt to reverse-engineer or manipulate the Auction House data.


Existing Items/Structures


An auctioneer in a tent. Can trade all items except for dinosaurs.

Auctioneer (Wooden Cart)

An auctioneer next to a wooden cart. This auctioneer has a “traveling merchant” feel. Can trade all items except for dinosaurs.

Auctioneer (Minimal)

A lone auctioneer. This auctioneer might be hiding in a cave or deep in the forest. Can trade all items except for dinosaurs.

Stockman (“Dino Auctioneer”)

An auctioneer with an assortment of cages and creatures. Can only trade dinosaurs.

Stockman (Minimal)

A less established dino auctioneer. Can only trade dinosaurs.

Transporter (“Dino Transporter”)

Used to transport dinos to and from the Auction House backend server.

Inventory Manifest

Can be placed into nearby inventories to pull payments from then while browsing auctions.

Currency Exchanger

A monkey that can exchange resources (or coins) for other resources (or coins). Completely configurable by server admins.

INI Settings

INI settings can be used to fine-tune how the mod works for your single-player game or dedicated server.

Default INI Settings



The list of items that cannot be purchased from an Auction House.

No default value.



The list of items that can be purchased from an Auction House. If this value is set then only items in this list will show up in search results.

No default value.



The list of items that cannot be used to pay for items at an Auction House. If this value is set then search results won’t show items that ask for these items as payment.

No default value.



The list of items that can be be used to pay for items at an Auction House. If this value is set then search results will only show items that ask for these items as payment.

No default value.



A unique ID that is used to enable purchasing from, and selling to, other servers that are part of your private network. All servers in your network will need to have this value set to communicate with each other. Only use alphanumeric characters for this value! Do not use spaces, slashes, apostrophes, or any other special characters.

This item was previous known as “ClusterToken” but was renamed because it was confusing.

No default value.



The list of items that can be used to bid on and buyout auctions from an Auction House. Only works for servers using a private market (Market ID).

No default value.



Disables the ability to purchase blueprints.

Defaults to FALSE.



Allows your server to trade with single-player games. If you are the admin of your server and you trust your players then you can set this to “True” to allow trades from single-player games to show up in the search results.

Defaults to FALSE.



The maximum quality index of items that will show up in search results. For example, 0 is primitive, 1 is ramshackle, etc.

No default value.



The maximum payment amount override. Only works for servers using a private market (Market ID).

No default value. Maximum value is 20,000.


ManifestRange (1.4+)

The range that an inventory containing an inventory manifest must be within of an auctioneer for it to be detected.

Defaults to 10,000.


World Scan Settings

These settings pertain to the world scan. The world scan happens periodically and keeps a running list of any classes it detects in the world. The detected classes are used to spawn items and dinos.

WorldScanAllowPlebs (1.4+)

Whether or not non-admins should be allowed to perform a world scan.

Defaults to FALSE.


WorldScanMaxStructures (1.4+)

Limits the number of structures that are analyzed during the world scan.

Defaults to 20.


WorldScanMaxDinos (1.4+)

Limits the number of dinos that are analyzed during the world scan.

Defaults to 20.


WorldScanMaxPlayers (1.4+)

Limits the number of players that are analyzed during the world scan.

Defaults to 20.


v1.5 Settings

These settings were implemented in v1.5.

FeeCurrencyOverride (1.5+)

The item to use for the fee instead of the default. The default item to use is metal ingots, so use this setting if you want your players to pay the fee with another resource, coins, etc, instead of metal ingots. Only works for servers using a private market (Market ID).

No default value.


FeeFlatAmount (1.5+)

The flat amount to charge for the fee when creating auctions. This will disable the percent-based fee and will instead charge a flat amount for each listing. For example, if you are using coins on your server and only want to charge 5 coins per auction then set this value to 5. Only works for servers using a private market (Market ID).

No default value. Maximum value of 20,000.


MaxDinoLevel (1.5+)

The maximum level that will appear in search results when browsing dino auctions.

Defaults to the calculated server maximum.


DinoBlacklist (1.5+)

The list of dinos that cannot be purchased from an Auction House.

No default value.


TransporterRange (1.5+)

The range that a transporter must be within of an auctioneer or mailbox for it to be detected.

Defaults to 5,000.


UseStructureLimits (1.5c+ Hotfix)

Whether or not to use player/tribe/server structure limits.

Defaults to FALSE.


PlayerStructureLimit (1.5c+)

The maximum number of per-type structures that can be personally owned by a player. For example, each player can personally place up to 10 auctioneers, 10 stockmen, 10 mailboxes, etc. Once the limit is reached for a specific type then the player will not be able to place any more structures of that type.

Defaults to 10. Minimum value of 1; maximum value of 100.


TribeStructureLimit (1.5c+)

The maximum number of per-type structures that can be owned by a tribe. For example, each tribe can place up to 25 auctioneers, 25 stockmen, 25 mailboxes, etc. Once the limit is reached for a specific type then no one in the tribe will not be able to place any more structures of that type.

Defaults to 25. Minimum value of 1; maximum value of 100.


ServerStructureLimit (1.5c+)

The absolute maximum number of per-type structures that can be placed on the server. For example, the server can have up to 100 auctioneers, 100 stockmen, 100 mailboxes, etc. Once the limit is reached for a specific type then no one on the server will able to place any more structures of that type.

Defaults to 100.  Minimum value of 1; maximum value of 100.


CurrencyExchanger (1.5f+)

The configuration for all exchanges that the Currency Exchanger will allow players to craft. The format is below. Note the placement of commas, semicolons, and colons. A colon separates the receive and asking items, a semicolon separates exchanges, commas separate values.



Admin Commands


cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Auctioneer/PrimalItemStructure_Auctioneer.PrimalItemStructure_Auctioneer'" 1 0 0

Auctioneer (Wooden Cart)

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Auctioneer/PrimalItemStructure_Auctioneer_Cart.PrimalItemStructure_Auctioneer_Cart'" 1 0 0

Auctioneer (Minimal)

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Auctioneer/PrimalItemStructure_Auctioneer_Minimal.PrimalItemStructure_Auctioneer_Minimal'" 1 0 0

Stockman (“Dino Auctioneer”)

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Stockman/PrimalItemStructure_Stockman.PrimalItemStructure_Stockman" 1 0 0 false

Stockman (Minimal)

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Stockman/PrimalItemStructure_Stockman_Minimal.PrimalItemStructure_Stockman_Minimal" 1 0 0 false

Transporter (“Dino Transporter”)

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Transporter/PrimalItemStructure_AuctionHouseTransporter.PrimalItemStructure_AuctionHouseTransporter" 1 0 0 false


cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Mailbox/PrimalItemStructure_AuctionHouseMailbox.PrimalItemStructure_AuctionHouseMailbox'" 1 0 0

Megapithecus Coin

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Currency/PrimalItemResource_AuctionHouseCoin.PrimalItemResource_AuctionHouseCoin'" 100 0 0


cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Flags/PrimalItemStructure_AuctionHouseFlag.PrimalItemStructure_AuctionHouseFlag" 1 0 0 false

Currency Exchanger

Note: This structure is admin-spawned and admin-configured, which means that it cannot be crafted by players and it does not come pre-configured.

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/AuctionHouse/Exchanger/PrimalItemStructure_AuctionHouseExchanger.PrimalItemStructure_AuctionHouseExchanger'" 1 0 0


This mod adds 9 new engrams.

  • Auctioneer
  • Wooden Cart Auctioneer
  • Minimal Auctioneer
  • Stockman (“Dino Auctioneer”)
  • Minimal Stockman
  • Transporter (“Dino Transporter”)
  • Mailbox
  • Inventory Manifest
  • Flag

Hiding Engrams

Some server admins prefer to hide the engrams. This can be useful for a variety of reasons such as creating a community auction house.



Auctioneer (Wooden Cart)


Auctioneer (Minimal)


Stockman (“Dino Auctioneer”)


Stockman (Minimal)


Transporter (“Dino Transporter”)



Note: It is not recommended that this engram be hidden. This is a structure that players use to retrieve their auctions.


Inventory Manifest

Note: It is not recommended that this engram be hidden. This is a crafted item that players can use to pull resources from nearby inventories because physically carrying the buyout price for some auctions is sometimes impossible.




Harvest Rate Normalization

Harvest Rate Normalization (“HRN”) is a way to appropriate the bid and buyout amounts per auction to make it seem as though a player is paying or receiving a desirable amount of resources depending on their server’s Harvest Amount Multiplier (“HAM”) compared to the HAM of the other server. Bids that are stored in the database are normalized down to 1x so they can be recalculated depending on the HAM of the requesting server.

Note: At some point in the future we will be extending the HRN formula to include the number of resources/consumables/etc received to keep the amounts in a 1:1 ratio instead of a possible ratio of 1:2, 1:4, etc.

Example 1

Ghazlawl has a HAM of 10x. He lists an Ascendant Metal Pick for 10,000 metal ingots. No matter who buys the item Ghazlawl will still receive 10,000 metal ingots.

RedDwarf has a HAM of 2x. For him, the buyout price of Ghazlawl’s item would be ((2/10)*10,000), or 2,000 metal ingots.

Blitzfire has a HAM of 1x. For him, the buyout price of Ghazlawl’s item would be ((1/10)*10,000), or 1,000 metal ingots.

Carl has a HAM of 50x. For him, the buyout price of Ghazlawl’s item would be ((50/10)*10,000), or 50,000 metal ingots.

Example 2

Carl has a HAM of 50x. He lists a Journeyman Assault Rifle for 100,000 metal ingots. No matter who buys the item Carl will still receive 100,000 metal ingots.

RedDwarf has a HAM of 2x. For him, the buyout price of Carl’s item would be ((2/50)*100,000), or 4,000 metal ingots.

Blitzfire has a HAM of 1x. For him, the buyout price of Carl’s item would be ((1/50)*100,000), or 2,000 metal ingots.

Ghazlawl has a HAM of 10x. For him, the buyout price of Carl’s item would be ((10/50)*100,000), or 20,000 metal ingots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restrict auctions to only my server?

Say you want to…

a) Have a single server where players can only buy/sell with each other.
b) Have multiple servers that can buy/sell with each other.

… then you will need to create a unique “Market ID” (for example, “MYTOKEN1234”) and specify it in your GameUserSettings.ini file. For example:


Note: Please for the love of Zeus do not use “MYTOKEN1234”. This is only an example. Use something random and unique. Do not use hyphens or special characters.

How do I enable Megapithecus Coins?

Important: Only servers that use a private market can use custom currencies. Custom currencies are not allowed on the global market.

To enable Megapithecus Coins (or Glory Coins, or any other currency), you must do the following:

  • Make sure the currency that you’re trying to enable exists on the server. Megapithecus Coins are included in this mod. Glory Coins and other currencies are not.
  • Get the class name of the currency you’re trying to enable. For example, Megapithecus Coins are PrimalItem_AuctionHouseCoin_C.
  • Update your GameUserSettings.ini file accordingly.
  • Make sure the currency that you’re trying to use are in a nearby inventory so the world scan can detect them.
  • Restart your server and wait 1-2 minutes before testing.

For example, your GameUserSettings.ini file may look like this:


How do the coins work?
Do you generate coins over time?
Is there a bank?
Where do they come from?

Megapithecus Coins, if you choose to use them, do not come from anywhere. They are simply part of the mod as an example currency that can be used if you choose to. Some servers spawn them into the world for events while some servers add them to supply drops. How you hand them out to your players is up to you as a server admin.

Why does it say “Connecting to server, please wait…”?

It can take up to 1, sometimes 2, minutes (60-120 seconds) to connect to the Auction House server when restarting your server and when placing auctioneers and mailboxes in the world. If it still says “connecting” after 5 minutes then please post a bug report with your server name, IP address, and your in-game character name.

Why can’t I ask for thatch, fiber, etc?

Thatch, fiber, etc are incredibly easy to farm. The purpose of this mod is to create a way for players to sell items they believe are valuable for resources that are equally as valuable. Also, the monkeys only like items of high value so they don’t really like thatch and fiber. It’s nothing personal; blame the monkeys.

Can I use the Auction House to transfer items to my friend’s server?

No. The auction house was created as a way for players to legitimately buy and sell items with other players. It was not created to be used as an item transfer service, a personal storage vault, or any other wacky thing people have come up with. Please keep the market fair. Please do not use the Auction House in any way other than it’s intended purpose. All auctions are monitored by an automated system and cheating or exploiting the system will result in players not being allowed to use the Auction House anymore.

Why can I see modded items on one server but not another?

Modded items don’t always have engrams or classes in the Primal Game Data (PGD). Modded items and dinos need to be detected by the server before they will appear in search results, which happens passively during the “World Scan” event. Modded items only need to be detected once because the mod keeps a cumulative list of all of the item and dino classes that it detects, so eventually most classes should be found over time on each server.

Here is an scenario that players often experience:

Player A lists modded kibble on the Auction House. Player B wants to buy the modded kibble but is unable to see the item in the Auction House. Since Player A is the one listing the modded kibble, it is obvious that the World Scan has detected the modded kibble class on Player A’s server. However, Player B’s server doesn’t know about the modded kibble class yet, therefore it cannot spawn the modded kibble into the world, and therefore doesn’t include the modded kibble in the search results. Once Player B’s server becomes aware of the modded kibble class through the passive World Scan, the modded kibble will be included in the search results for Player B.

How is Max Dino Level calculated?

The default Max Dino Level value for your server is calculated using the following formula: ($DifficultyValue * 38) + (($DifficultyValue * 38) / 2) + 71 + ($Total * 0.25). In human readable terms, that’s Wild Max + Perfect Tame + Tamed Levels + Breeding Gap. It’s not a perfect calculation but it covers the needs of most players. We’ve also added the MaxDinoLevel INI setting if the calculated value isn’t suitable for your server.

Can I override the calculated Max Dino Level?

Yes. You can change the Max Dino Level setting to a value that is appropriate for your server by setting MaxDinoLevel in GameUserSettings.ini. For example, if you’re using a core mod that changes the max wild dino level to 1,000, you would want to set MaxDinoLevel to something like 2,000.

v1.5 (“Dino Auctions”) FAQs

Can I buy/sell modded dinos?

Yes. Similar to the way items work, modded dinos are supported as well.

How does level/gender/breeding work? Will I get the same exact dino?

Yes. The dino you receive will have the exact same stats, gender, affinity, colors, etc. If your auction expires you will receive the exact same dino you listed. Custom paint jobs will be removed, however. (Sorry, nothing we can really do about that right now.)

If I uninstall the mod will I lose my purchased items/dinos?

Nope! The items and dinos you receive from the Auction House are not specific to the Auction House mod. Remember to cancel and claim all your active auctions though before uninstalling the mod or you won’t be able to get them back unless you reinstall it.

Why is the dino auction duration for automatically set to 5 days?

Transporting a dino takes a lot of effort by the monkeys and they’re not too keen on transporting dinos to and from the different realms any more than they have to. We asked them if there was any wiggle room in this decision and they said no. (Or rather, they grunted at us, which we’re pretty sure means no.)

Why are some dinos blocked?

Short answer, people can be jerks. The monkeys don’t allow vanilla bosses (gorilla, spider, dragon, etc), vanilla alphas (alpha carno, alpha rex, etc), or non-tameable vanilla dinos (trilobites, dodorex, etc) to be bought or sold on the Auction House.

Why are there list and purchase limits?

Short answer, again, people can be jerks. For now the monkeys have limits in place that allow up to 5 dino purchases per hour per player and up to 10 dino listings per 24-hour period per player. These values are doubled for private markets.

These values will be increased over time once post-launch testing and fixes are completed.

Why do I have to pay a fee?

We deliberated for about two weeks whether or not a fee was a good idea. Long story short we want to stay in line with how auction houses in other games operate and provide more immersion for the auctioneers while also deterring people from making senseless auctions. This change is aimed to reel in some of the crazy auctions you may have seen in the past.

How are fees calculated?

The fee is essentially 1% of the quantity being sold or the buyout price, whichever is higher, per day and should max out at 500 metal ingots in most cases. Private markets can change the fee to be a flat price (1 megapithecus coin per auction, for example) if the admin wanted to.

Can I change the fee currency and amount?

Short answer, yes, but only on private markets. The public market uses a normalized fee currency of metal ingots. While a flat fee can be specified on private markets, the percentage-based fee amount (1%) cannot be changed. The monkeys have been pretty stubborn about that one. (We tried!)

Can we increase the max buyout amount for dinos?

Yes, but right now it’s capped at 2,000 x Harvest Rate (ie, 1x caps at 2k, 2x caps at 4k, 5x caps at 10k, etc), with a hard cap of 20k for private markets. We meant to double the max buyout limit for dinos but it slipped through the cracks and will be updated in an upcoming release (1.5b), soon.

What is “Summoning Sickness”?

Summoning Sickness is a debuff that dinos get after being purchased from the Auction House. Because traveling through time and space is exhausting, this debuff disables the ability to sell them again for a few hours. Dinos can be listed on the Auction House again once the debuff expires.

Road Map

This section is basically a brain dump and is subject to change at any time.

“Closed” Sign

High priority. Players need the ability to know when the Auction House backend server is offline.

How it would work:

  • When the backend server is offline, a sign would appear that says, “Come back later.” All of the monkeys personal belongings would also disappear.
  • When the backend server comes back online, the sign disappears and the monkeys come back with their wares.

Self-Building Auction Area

Medium priority. The initial structure placement for auctioneers, transporters, and mailboxes can be confusing. The self-building auction area will build a small area complete with everything needed to get started with the auction house.

This feature will only be available to admins.

Currency Exchanger

High priority. Players want a way to exchange resources for currency. For example, trading 10,000 wood for 1 Megapithecus Coin.

How it would work:

  • Admin configures Currency Exchange values in INI.
    • Values need to be in one line so a comma/semicolon-delimited list will be needed.
  • Admin spawns Currency Exchangers into the world and places them.
  • Blueprints are automatically created/added to the inventory with dynamic crafting costs. Maybe; I’m not really sure how this would work. Might need to be a few blueprints with configurable crafting costs a la vanilla crafting requirement overrides.
  • Player A walks up to a Currency Exchanger.
  • Player A deposits 20,000 wood and crafts the “Megapithecus Coin” blueprint.
  • Player A removes their 2 Megapithecus Coins.
  • Player B walks up to a Currency Exchanger.
  • Player B deposits 15,000 wood and crafts the “Glory Coin” blueprint.
  • Player B removes their 3 Glory Coins.

Example INI Setting:


Web-based Interface

Low priority. Players want to be able to browse the auction house from their computer or a mobile device.

Update: A temporary interface has been launched that allows players to view the average buyout price for a given item or dino. It can be found here:

UX Improvements

High priority. Players want some substantial improvements to be made to the UI.

Requested Improvements

    • Ability to refund items/dinos to players via the mailbox due to possible API errors.
    • Ability to re-list auctions from the mailbox.
    • In-Progress: Ability to tell whether or not the API is currently offline.
      • All monkeys will disappear and a sign will be placed down to indicate that they’ve left the area and will be back later.
      • Browsing, creating auctions, and retrieving auctions from mailboxes will not be available if the sign is out.
    • Ability to sort by item name, time left, quantity, bid price, and buyout price. (Added in 1.4a)
      • All columns are sortable except bid price due to query performance restrictions.
    • Additional tab that lists all of the auctions a player has created or bid on. (Added in 1.4b)
    • Ability to cancel auctions. (Added in 1.4b)
    • Ability to specify auction length. (Added in 1.4a)
      • Auction length options should be 1 day (24 Hours), 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, or 7 days (1 Week).
      • Should there be a fee associated with auction length? For example, 10 metal ingots to list for 1 day, 20 for 2 days, 50 for 7 days?
      • Should the fees and amounts be configurable for servers using a cluster token?
    • Bid and buyout maximums are now configurable for servers using a cluster token in 1.4a.
      • Fees not implemented yet.
      • Should this amount take the current harvest rates into account? If so, calculated amount should be skipped for servers using a cluster token. (Added in 1.5)
    • Ability to specify minimum bid amount. (Added in 1.4a)
    • Ability to specify bid amount when bidding on an auction. (Added in 1.4b)

Inventory Manifest

High priority. Carrying 2,000 of most resources (metal ingots, obsidian, etc) isn’t feasible for most players, let alone carrying 20,000.

Added in 1.4.

Harvest Rate Normalization

High priority. Please see section above labeled “Harvest Rate Normalization” for details.

Added in 1.4.

Push Notifications

Medium priority. Players will be notified whenever someone purchases one of their auctions or one of their auctions expire.

Hoping to get this working for 1.6.

  • Will require either RCON or tacking the notifications onto server responses.

Additional Structures/Auctioneers

Medium priority. The following additional structures would be nice but aren’t required.

Hoping to get these working for 1.6.

  • “Traveling” Merchant
    • Will appear on the map at random.
    • Will have a boolean flag that will show only specific items such as weapons, structures, etc.
  • “Companion” Merchant
    • A reconfigured dinosaur that doesn’t attack but can follow players around the map. Thinking possibly a gorilla riding a parasaur. 😛 Worst case it can be the minimal auctioneer.