Installing Mods

Mod Patcher

The mod patcher is a program that combines all mods into a single file that can then be loaded by DYSMANTLE.

Follow these steps to install and begin using the mod patcher:

  1. Download patcher.tar.gz (patcher.exe).
  2. Unzip the tar.gz file.
  3. Move patch.exe to the DYSMANTLE game directory.
  4. Run patch.exe. This will combine any mods found in the mods directory to a file named “mods.pak” in the game directory.
  5. Launch DYSMANTLE.

Important note: You will need to run patch.exe each time the game or a mod is updated to ensure that all differences between mods and the game files are reconciled correctly.

Installing Mods

Mods are packaged into PAK files and can be loaded automatically using the mod patcher (see above) or manually by editing prog.xml if you’re a super nerd.

Follow these steps to download, install, and start using a mod. For this example we’ll use the Teleporter mod on Mods Nexus.

  1. Create a directory named “mods” in the DYSMANTLE game directory if one doesn’t already exist.
  2. Download the Teleporter mod.
  3. Unzip the .zip file.
  4. Move the PAK file (“teleporter.pak”) to the mods directory.
  5. If the mod patcher hasn’t already been downloaded and placed in the game directory, do so (see “Mod Patcher” above).
  6. Run patch.exe.
  7. Launch DYSMANTLE.

Updating Mods

If a mod author updates a mod then the updated mod files will need to be installed. Follow these steps to update a mod:

  1. Download the updated mod file(s) from Mods Nexus.
  2. Move the PAK file(s) in the mods directory.
  3. Run patch.exe.
  4. Launch DYSMANTLE.

Removing Mods

Follow these steps to remove a mod:

  1. Delete the PAK file from the mods directory.
  2. Run patch.exe.
  3. Launch DYSMANTLE.